WordPress Will Soon Change – How Will The Next Version 5.0 Gutenberg Affect Your Website?

wordpress will soon change – how will the next version 5.0 gutenberg affect your website
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So, What Is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is to change the way in which content is created as well as maintained in WordPress websites and is an important step forward with many strong points. It is a vast improvement on previous software, replacing TinyMC as the default content editor. The main aim of this block editor is to make adding rich content to WorPress Easy.

All current sites will be affected as the change takes place as the new version of Gutenberg 5.0 is set to shake up the world’s most used CMS (content management system). Although this may seem daunting, it is obvious that Gutenberg provides a brilliant new version for what WordPress will move towards. This is WordPress ensuring it is aligned as the premium CMS, with other large competitors joining the marketplace.

What Are The Main Concerns?

It is inevitable that there will be concerns about this update, as there are with any major update to a premium piece of software such as WordPress. There are concerns about the impact on plugins and themes, Gutenberg is a fundamentally new approach to content creation that will have repercussions such as plugins breaking and theme compatibility. We can help you battle these potential issues.


If your current website is quite old or is hasn’t updated in months or even years, then the likely hood is that you will face issues with this upgrade.  At Green Tornado we can help you make this transition go as smoothly as possible, ensuring that your website is up to date and prepared for the switch over.

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