Why Small Businesses Need a Website

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Technology is advancing as we speak, and more and more people are buying products and services online. A website is essential for all businesses that want to compete and thrive. Even a smaller business needs an online presence. Here we look at the reasons why your small business needs a website.

Keep with the times

If you do not have a website, you are handing potential customers to your competitors. People want information and reassurance. Both things are provided with a business website as you can have full descriptions and pictures of your products and services as well as reviews. Customers require an informative, fast-moving, and easy to navigate website when shopping online.

Nothing to hide

A professional website gives you the platform to detail what your company is about and what it has to offer. A business that chooses not to have a website may appear untrustworthy to potential customers. People want information and options at the click of a button, so be sure to have total transparency.


People have all sorts of devices that they carry with them nowadays, most of which have instant internet access. Commuters make online purchases on the go, people shop and browse while waiting for a meeting or appointment. Shopping on the go is something we have all adapted to. It is fast, easy, and convenient.


If you sell your products through another platform, such as Etsy or eBay, you are not maximising your potential for long-term growth. Any of these platforms can shut down, and where will that leave you? A website dedicated to your products and services will build a loyal customer base while giving you the chance to build.


A business website is a fantastic way to build your brand. You will have full control over how you sell, market and price your products. You can clearly project the key meaning of your business to your customer base. You can manage promotions, advertising, communications, feedback, newsletter, stock photos and much more.

The Best Investment

A business website does not come with overheads. The hosting services costs are minimal next to the rent and expenses of a traditional shop or office. This means you can make your prices competitive and be one step ahead of your competition. The scale, functionality and investments involved in your website will vary depending on your business. You can add and change styles and features to suit, and your site can grow with your business.

Use a professional – Quality is key

You must use an experienced web design agency that can bring your ideas to life. A professional agency with a solid background, such as Green Tornado, will work with you to establish your goals and requirements.

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