What’s the Difference Between Graphic Design and Web Design?

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Many people assume graphic design and web design are the same thing. This is understandable, as there are several crossovers but there are also many differences. Here we look at graphic design and web design and find out what makes them different jobs.

Graphic Design

Graphic design originated as the creation of brochures, book covers and magazines, but now a lot of what graphic design entails is done online. Digital marketing is replacing printing as software evolves.

The main focus of graphic design covers typography, layout and colour theory. These fundamental elements create images in graphic design, with visuals and the immediate impact of a design being the most important thing.

Web Design

Web design is primarily about the user experience and interface of a website. Colour theory and layout is still important element, but the key focus of web design is user experience and website themes and functionality.

The job of a web designer is to ensure the site is user-friendly, with the right content in the right place. This includes text, information, links and images. This should blend seamlessly, providing a professional, engaging and easy-to-use website


The Differences Between Graphic and Web Design

Display and Design

In graphic design, you create high-quality images without considering what they will look like on different devices. Print design does not have to fit on a screen perfectly, and theme designs appear similarly. With web design, you must consider how the content affects the website’s layout and how it is viewed on a device. Desktops, phones, laptops and tablets all view web pages slightly differently. Changing website features means thinking about the user experience for every viewing option.


Graphic design involves the static parts of a website, such as logos and colour schemes. Web designers deal with interactive elements, such as website options, buttons and menus, videos, forms and links.

One of the main ways to tell if a website design has been done by a web designer or a graphic designer is whether they’re interactive or not. Graphic designers are predominantly involved in the static elements of a website. Anything that can be clicked is part of web design.

Technical Skills

Graphic designers use software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Website designers have a much more technical role, including HTML, CSS, and code and commands. A graphic designer would need a sound understanding of the technical elements of web design to carry out web design work.

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