Why Is My Website Not Converting Visitors Into Sales?

why is my website not converting visitors into sales
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Social media marketing, search engine optimisation, e-mail marketing and pay per click are all directing traffic to your website, your product or service is not only in demand but also very competitively priced, yet the website visits are not converting to sales – why could this be? Here we look at a few reasons why you are not getting the quantity of sales that your volume of visitors would suggest.

Visitors need to create an account with you in order to make a purchase

Many people find it frustrating and time consuming when you need to create an account in order to complete checkout on a website. Customers do not always want to give over unnecessary details and have an account for simply a one-off purchase, not to mention the potential marketing emails that are often linked to it. Having an option for creating an account instead of making it compulsory means the customer’s experience is faster, less pushy and more convenient.

Lack of offers, discounts or free postage

Everyone wants to feel like they have got a bargain or saved money. If you have any special offers then make sure they are easily visible. Free postage is a very attractive offer for many so offer this where possible. If you work current promotions into the design of your website then customers can take advantage of these simply with a click meaning they feel they have a deal and you in turn have more sale.

Your website is not mobile or tablet friendly

In modern times there are no two ways about it – you need to have a mobile friendly website. Customers are doing their shopping on the go more and more and having what you need readily available at a tap of your phone or tablet is something that suits many. A website that is not mobile friendly means the text can be difficult to read, the pages may not load correctly and some features may not work at all. All of these things will instantly put mobile device users off and therefore decrease potential sales.

The speed and load time of your website is not fast enough

If you click on a website and it doesn’t load straight away, what do you do? You leave and find one that does. Improving your website performance and speed is crucial when it comes to attracting and keeping customers. People want to be able to access what they need quickly and slow web pages are frustrating and off putting.

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