Website Migration – Everything You Need to Know

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What is Website Migration?

Website migration refers to significant alternations made to the set-up of a website, including a domain name or URL change, a change of server host or even a complete website platform change.

Here we explain the website migration process, the potential risks and what you need to consider.

The Website Migration Process

Website migration could be due to changing platforms or a website redesign. Platforms constantly evolve, with new programmes and features being added, and the need to switch could arise. With a website redesign, it is often due to software or capacity requirements.

With any website migration, there will be consequences. Better designs, software and technology, could require new platforms, hosts and even a new domain, which requires 301 redirects to ensure users reach the new URLs. This is why you should enlist the help of a web design specialist, such as Green Tornado.

Redesigning a website can make it more accessible and user-friendly, and when implemented correctly, it will improve your traffic. It is important to note that over-design or a poor redesign could have the opposite effect and cause failed SEO and 440 errors. Successful website migration that causes minimal disruption without loss of traffic or earnings

Things to Consider

There are risks with website migrations, so preparing and minimising potential damage to performance, traffic, and SEO is integral. Here are some things to consider:

Is the Migration Necessary?

Is the website migration urgent for business growth? Or is it avoidable? You must be sure you have a good reason for the migration before you plan ahead. If migration is essential, careful planning is key, as a poorly managed migration carries costly risks to a business. If in doubt, consult a professional.

Website Back-up – Website migrations can fail, so backing up is crucial. Being able to backtrack changes is essential, as things could go wrong or not work as planned, and you do not want to be caught out. A clear backup plan is vital to ensure you can manage all possible outcomes.

Crawling – Collecting a comprehensive list of content and URLs by crawling your website will help you when redirecting URLs for mitigation.

Domain Ownership – Make sure you still have access to and ownership of your old domain, even after the website migration process has finished. This will serve as an extra backup, and you could find you need the backlinks.

Green Tornado specialise in website design and can help you with your website migration. Contact us on 01277 849161.

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