Website Development – Through the Stages

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Through the Stages of Website Development

A website is an essential element of a business, but what are the stages of creating a website? Unfortunately, a professional and successful website does not arrive fully formed. Here we look at the process of developing a website, ensuring it meets the needs of the business.


Gathering relevant information is the initial website development stage. This helps the business and the website developer understand the type of site you wish to create. Information about how the site will look and function is gathered by performing adequate research within your industry, deciding on the site’s pages and content, and establishing your brand (colour scheme, logo, etc.).

Planning the Website

After gathering the necessary information, it’s time to begin the planning stage. This means forming an outline for your website’s structure and theme. A sitemap is a great way to start planning your site; it will show you how your content and pages fit together and highlight areas that require filling. Written content, images, design, colours and links should all be planned ahead. A web solutions specialist, such as Green Tornado, can help you with this.

Website Design

Web designers start putting together the site’s design, look and theme. Web designers and developers ensure the right website design is created to suit your business style. This includes graphics, font, page formatting and content.

Website Development

The development stage is where the site and its contents are created. This will include the coding, integration of features, and the potential use of a CMS (content management system). Some parts of the development would have been prepared before this stage, such as images and written content.

Website Testing

Your business site has been successfully created; now what? This is the testing stage. This involves checking the functionality of all website elements, including coding, grammar/spelling and links. Once this stage is complete, it’s time for the website to launch.

Website Maintenance

This is an essential part of having a business website. Website management is a constant process of ensuring everything is working, and any issues are addressed. It also helps to add features and assess performance.

Final Thoughts

Website design involves more than putting together a few pages of information. The look and feel of your business site play an integral role in your online presence and user experience. Using a professional website developer ensures you get the ideal site for your needs.

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