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Green Tornado are a local web design agency that understands the importance a professional website can have to your business. By remaining ahead of our competitors, we can soundly say that we are the best choice for website design for businesses in Hornchurch. Our websites are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also designed for vast user experience and functionality. Whether it’s an extensive eCommerce store or a simple brochure website, we always keep our eye on the small details that work together to complete your website.

Green Tornado has a combined experience of more than 50 years as a website design company, servicing various clients in a range of industries, from small, local businesses to nationwide and international companies. When you choose Green Tornado for your web development requirements, you can be sure of a completely bespoke and tailored approach to your project – we believe your website should be just as unique as your business is.

We create elegant websites for local businesses. We focus on building SEO-optimised websites to help our clients drive marketing strategies for increased engagement once a website has gone live. Our goal is to create a customer journey that builds brand awareness and converts viewers into buying customers, be that for a service or a product.

WordPress Experts in Hornchurch

WordPress was initially renowned for its blogging capabilities but has become the go-to choice for web development in recent years. WordPress currently powers over 455 million websites across the world and has the highest market share of any CMS, standing at 62%. The open-source nature of WordPress means that it is constantly updated by an active community with new features and plugins. These updates enhance the powerful capabilities of the CMS. The clean coding of WordPress means that search engines love WordPress websites as they are easy to optimise for SEO. It then comes as no surprise that WordPress is the favourite CMS for our local website designers.

Our Web Design Services in Hornchurch

When it comes to creating a professional website for businesses, we know that a singular approach does not work. A website designed by Green Tornado is always a custom design, coded and built with your business needs in mind. Our team of professional website designers specialise in creating business websites and eCommerce stores on WordPress, which is the number one open-source software for website development. This method gives our local website designers the means to create functionally advanced and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Whether it’s a brand-new customised website or a simple revamp of your existing website, we will always have a tailored web design solution available for you. Our web design team can take your unique website design requirements and turn them into a reality to help establish and grow your business online. We specialise in making sure that your website is visually appealing to the user whilst remaining technically appealing to the search engines.

Our Web Design Philosophy

We develop our websites to be technically superior and scalable, evident by our on-page search engine optimisation for all clients. We aim to grow your business online correctly, which is why all of our websites are optimised by our in-house team of SEO experts. This ensures your website not only looks good but can be found by your customers.

Over the years, Green Tornado has maintained an excellent record as a leading Hornchurch web design agency. This experience, combined with our level of know-how, means you and your website will be in safe hands throughout the whole process.

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Interesting Facts About Hornchurch

Nestled in the London Borough of Havering, Hornchurch is a quaint suburban town teeming with history and charm. Here are 10 fascinating facts about this captivating locale:

  1. Originally an Essex village, Hornchurch was absorbed into Greater London in 1965, reshaping its identity.
  2. Derived from Saxon terms “hyrne” (corner) and “ceaster” (Roman fort), the name “Hornchurch” harkens back to its ancient roots.
  3. A vital aviation hub, RAF Hornchurch played a critical role during both World War I and II, bolstering the town’s historical significance.
  4. Among its cherished listed buildings, the 13th-century St. Andrew’s Church stands as a proud testament to Hornchurch’s architectural heritage.
  5. A cultural haven, the Queen’s Theatre has been entertaining audiences with performing arts since its doors opened in 1953.
  6. Boasting a bustling retail district, Hornchurch’s High Street and adjacent shopping centers cater to diverse shopping, dining, and leisure needs.
  7. With parks aplenty, such as Harrow Lodge Park—renowned for its expansive lake and recreational opportunities—Hornchurch offers ample green spaces for relaxation and adventure.
  8. Every June, the town comes alive during the annual Hornchurch Carnival, replete with a vibrant parade, thrilling rides, and exhilarating live performances.
  9. A palpable sense of community spirit pervades Hornchurch, fostered by numerous groups and organizations committed to the town’s betterment.
  10. Finally, Hornchurch has been the birthplace and home to various notable personalities, including actor David Jason, footballer Stuart Pearce, and singer-songwriter Jessie J.