The Power of a Brochure

the power of a brochure
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A brochure that is designed and written well is a powerful tool. It lets your customers view what you have to offer in their own time. A physical brochure can’t be deleted, it is tangible and real. A well put together brochure imprints a vivid image of your business and services on the mind of the customer and is a fantastic opportunity to boost your business’s reputation.

Here we look at a few ways to enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your brochure:

  • Briefly introduce your business, including history, location and industry.
  • Highlight the benefits of choosing your products and services.
  • Clearly state your main products and services.
  • Include all business contact details.
  • List media accounts relating to your business, i.e. twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Include customer testimonials.
  • Highlight your success and mention any awards or achievements.
  • Include incentives such as discounts, deals and promotions.
  • Include high-quality photos that demonstrate your products or services well.


What you include in your brochure will not only depend on your business type, but also on what you are aiming to get from it. Perhaps you are promoting one event or product rather than merely showcasing what you have to offer. Establishing what you want to achieve from your brochure is the first and most important decision. Next, determine what you want your reader to take away with them. Here are some ways you can use a brochure to boost your business marketing:

  • Hand them out at exhibitions, trade shows and presentations.
  • Display them in your reception or foyer area. Or for shops, till areas and windows.
  • Send via targeted mail.
  • Give them to your sales departments to distribute.
  • Ask local businesses to have them in-store or in their reception.
  • Hand them out to existing customers.


Style And Graphic Design

There is a multitude of brochure designs and styles available, and you will want to be sure you are choosing the best style for you. The size and style will depend on the message you want to relay and the number of services or products you are displaying. Visually, your brochure should include:

  • Eye-catching pictures.
  • Bullet points of key facts that you wish your customer to take away.
  • Pictures and text that complement each other.
  • Clear images that are no bigger than necessary.


Graphic design is ever-evolving, and the tools available today mean eye-catching, innovative brochure designs are easily achievable. Modern design techniques for brochures include contrasting typefaces to give an edgy and lively look and adding colourful fonts rather than a uniform black and white style. You can even opt for isometric graphics for a 3d feel.

Go Digital

Why not have the best of both and have a digital copy of your brochure too? A digital brochure is a simple process where graphic design can easily be made into a PDF format. The advantages of this are that it saves on paper and can easily and quickly be shared on social media and via email, enhancing exposure.

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