The Importance of Website Speed For SEO

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Website speed is an essential factor for any business. We live in a world where people can access what they want with a tap of a screen, and many customers will leave a site and go elsewhere if it is slow to load.

Business website owners often overlook this integral element of website management, which can be damaging. However, you should keep in mind that your SEO content should not be neglected to speed up your website.

SEO and Optimising Web Page Speed

The speed of your webpage will affect its SEO significantly, as well as the bounce rate. The bounce rate refers to the people that leave the website before clicking on or viewing anything. Zero-second page visits mean your visitors are leaving the page before it loads.

You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights service to analyse the page, optimising the speed of your site. This will give you an accurate indication of how your web speed affects your Google ranking for SEO.

How To Optimise Your Page Loading Speed

Several factors should be considered when looking to optimise page loading speed.

  • File sizing
  • Image optimising – unoptimised images can cause issues
  • Web host effectiveness – low budget website hosts can cost you in performance
  • Applications
  • Complexity and busyness of designs and themes
  • Embedded media – such as videos and media from other sites
  • Widget use

Optimising Mobile Web Pages

Mobile web browsing is fast becoming the most popular way to use the internet. A page that loads quickly and presents well on mobile devices is essential. Mobile web pages are treated differently from desktop web pages regarding SEO rankings. Your mobile site will not have the SEO rating of your desktop site, as this will be assessed individually. The mobile site’s speed can be considerably different from that of the desktop site.

With this in mind, it is integral that business website owners give just as much attention to the mobile version of their website as the desktop version to ensure SEO rankings are the best they can be. The fact is that many people want instant search results in the blink of an eye, and slow loading websites with poor content will not serve well. Consumers want immediate results when they search Google and optimising your page loading and SEO is essential to achieve this.

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