The Google My Business app is being replaced – Why?

the google my business app
green tornado

So, are we getting a nice shiny app with bells and whistles?

NO – ‘Google My Business’ is being pushed into ‘Google Maps’.

Deep in another navigational menu of Google Maps, there will be an option of Google business profile, as it will now be known.


Goodbye Google My Business – It’s been eventful.

Soon, Google Maps and Search will replace the Google My Business app, as the way to manage your profile.

Very confusing as Maps already has many sections: –

  • Location sharing
  • Your profile – including the Google reviews you have made
  • Directions
  • and Maps of course!

It seems that Google is trying to bring together lots of services into one app. I would not be surprised if others start to join.

Calendar, News, Gmail and Google Drive will be next, or at least a link to them.

Trying to remember where all the services are is a nightmare.

Try to update your Google password, then want to see someone’s location, then find the local Wetherspoons location!

Maybe Google should start by updating their help pages, or maybe employ a few customer service reps that can actually resolve a problem in less than five weeks.

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