The Benefits of Bespoke Website Designs Over Templates

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The options for website designs are endless, and they can be overwhelming. It is easier now than ever before to get a basic website up and running, but are design templates as beneficial to your business as a bespoke website?

Here we look at the differences between templates and bespoke designs and the benefits of using a bespoke website design.

Template Designs

Many website providers will have an impressively large range of site templates to choose from. This is a valuable feature, particularly for smaller websites that are just starting out. Template website designs may be colourful, smart, and presentable. However, you are running the risk of blending in with many other websites that use the same or similar templates. It can give your site a bland feel if you use a uniform template style.

Bespoke Website Design

Using a professional bespoke website designer, such as Green Tornado, will give your business website a significant edge. Some of the many advantages to bespoke website design include:

The personal touch – A bespoke design will be suited to your business, your style, your products. You can have a unique colour or logo and a stand-out site that will not be the same as any other. Your customers will get used to the look and feel of your site and how to navigate around it.

Updates – Your designs, content, links and plug-ins will be updated with any errors being detected and fixed swiftly.

Current and fresh – A bespoke website enables you to change with the times and update with new and exciting content. Your website designer will incorporate your content smoothly into your design to ensure the best results.

Security – This is vital for any website. You need to know your information and your customer’s details are secure at all times. Using a bespoke website design enables you to ensure your site is always secure.

SEO – A website designer will maximise the results from SEO and tailor the SEO on your sites accordingly.

Ease of use – Basic website templates often have glitches, work slowly, or even stop working altogether. This is not a concern with bespoke website design.

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