Technical SEO – The Technical Aspects You Should Know

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Technical SEO Explained

Technical SEO is the process of amending a website’s technical elements to achieve a higher ranking on search engines. Several aspects will be improved in this process, and here we look at the key ones.


Websites must load and work quickly. Potential customers will quickly give up and get frustrated if a site is slow. A recent study suggested that more than 50% of people will abandon a web page that does not load in three seconds, so speed is essential. Your website should load and link quickly on both desktop and mobile devices. Many people access the internet on the go, and a website that is not mobile-friendly will not appeal.

Dead Links

One thing that is even more frustrating than a slow-loading web page is a non-existent one. Landing on an error page is a fast way to deter potential customers. Dead links that lead to 404 error pages can damage the look and professionalism of your site, as well as annoy visitors. Search engines do not like dead links either, and this means they will harm your ranking. There are tools you can use to detect and fix dead links. It is good practice to ensure that the URL of a page is redirected when it has been moved or deleted.

Repeated Content

Search engines do not like websites that have duplicated content of multiple pages. It can be confusing when more than one page displays the same content, making it harder for them to be correctly ranked. This may result in overall lower rankings. Your website could have repeated content without you knowing, as different URLs sometimes display the same content. An SEO professional, such as Green Tornado, will identify these issues for you and provide a solution.


Security is paramount. Your website must be safe for your customers, with privacy being a standard requirement. HTTPS will ensure that data can not be intercepted, resulting in your customer’s details remaining secure. Secure websites understandably rank higher on search engines. Most browsers allow you to quickly check if it is HTTPS, showing a lock in the left of your search bar. An SEO professional, such as Green Tornado, can help provide maximum security for your website.

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