Stopping your SEO – What Will Happen

stopping your seo – what will happen
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SEO is a crucial part of marketing, and any business that wants to be successful in getting on the online map will understand the importance of good quality SEO. However, many companies want to stop and start SEO, and the truth is that it is extremely difficult to change course once a website has gone in a specific direction. Some business owners feel a brief SEO break will not cause any harm, but this will have implications.

Here we look at what you can expect when you stop SEO:

  • Not regularly updating web content – This means fewer new keywords, you will stop capturing new visitors, and pages and links will become old and non-productive. New content is an essential part of SEO.
  • Not refreshing pages – Refreshing pages lets Google know there is fresh content. This can see a surge of new traffic and boost your rankings. Things you can do to refresh your page include updating dates and facts, adding FAQS and reviews and adding links.
  • Not adding pages – It isn’t always easy to build new pages, and this may depend on your industry. However, not adding new pages will lose you keyword growth momentum. Fresh pages can be great landing pages for paid media and paid search.
  • Not checking for bad links – This can cause your backlink profile to have issues. Checking for bad links will help protect your ranking and spot attempts of negative SEO from competitors as well as malware alerts.
  • Not checking for stolen content – It is shocking how often whole sections and keywords are taken from your site and used on others. This will have a negative impact. Checking for this regularly will highlight if your content is being stolen. If it is, you can ask them to remove it or contact the hosting company. It is also best to rewrite your content. Not keeping on top of this will harm your rankings.

The verdict is that SEO should be a consistent aspect of business marketing.  Using a professional SEO company such as Green Tornado will help you gain the peace of mind you need that your SEO is well looked after, updated and monitored. Contact our team for more information.

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