How To Stay Safe Online

how to stay safe online
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The internet is becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives. Not only computers, but so many everyday items now come internet ready – televisions, mobile phones, even washing machines. As our world moves more and more towards online dependency, we should be ever aware of the people out there ready and willing to exploit our data, and how to protect ourselves against this.

Installing anti-virus software

This is a necessity, and installing anti-virus software along with a firewall will protect you against virus as well as protecting your personal data. Be sure to update your software regularly to keep you constantly protected from all the new viruses that occur over time.


Sounds simple, but making sure your password is complex is a must, as well as adding numbers and symbols. People tend to shy away from complicated passwords for obvious reasons. And although simpler password may be easier to remember, a complex one will help to keep your data secure. If you do worry about forgetting passwords, there are tools you can get that store complex passwords for you.

Two-Factor Authentication

Simply put, this is adding another layer of protection as well as your password. Similar to internet banking codes, sites such as Facebook offer an option in their setting where you must enter a code before being able to access them. This means even if someone does crack your password, your information is still safe.

Stay Informed!

Keeping up to date with the latest cyber news is essential. There were always be new and more intricate ways for people to try and steal data, and keeping track of the latest hacks can very useful. After all, you never know when these things may affect you.

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