Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click?

search engine optimisation or pay per click
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With the online market becoming increasingly competitive, businesses are investing more than ever into digital marketing. So which method is the most successful?

What Are The Pros Of SEO?shutterstock_97048055

  • There is a lot more long term value when using SEO.
  • Achieving your SEO goals can free up some of your budget for other marketing routes.
  • If keywords are used correct
    ly you can see results quickly.
  • A big budget is not needed, time and patience can be very effective when gaining business visibility and website rankings.

And The Cons Of SEO?

  • It can be hard to rank well with your keywords, unless they are particularly niche, so SEO can be quite competitive.
  • Building up a solid reputation can sometimes take time.
  • The SEO market is saturated, so inevitably not all companies that provide the service will be 100% trustworthy. If they use methods that violate Google rules it could cause you problems.

What Are The Pros Of PPC?

  • There is a large variety when it comes to choosing where your ads will appear. Google is the most popular and effective, with 3.5 billion searches daily.
  • Social media such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to target specific market groups.
  • It is easy to keep track of you PPC.
  • You can turn PPC on and off to suit you.

And The Cons Of PPC?

  • Web traffic declines a soon as you turn PPC off.
  • PPC can be costly.
  • PPC ads do not always appear trust worthy to customers and may put some people off.

So What’s The Verdict?

SEO and PPC are both effective marketing methods. While PPC provides fast results, SEO is a strong choice for anyone looking to invest long term and continue seeing results in the future. Ideally, if your budget allows it, you would use both methods to market your business. The combination of the two would certainly provide maximum results. Ultimately the choice depends on the type of results you desire, and of course, your budget. What ever you opt for, we supply only the best for your business.

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