Pop Up Exhibition Stands

pop up exhibition stands
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What are Pop Up Exhibition Stands?

You have likely heard the term ‘pop up exhibition stands’ numerous times but what actually are they and is it the right exhibition format for your business?

The ‘pop up’ element refers to the folded metal structure that ‘pops up’ to form a frame that you can then attach display panels to using magnetic strips. As this is foldable it makes it easy to store and transport and very quick to assemble. You can use the pop up frame multiple times and you can change the display panels to suit the exhibition. This makes it very convenient and adaptable. Display stands are a great way to extend and promote your business so it is important you use the right format.

There are a few alternatives when it comes to exhibition display formats.

  • Boards – Boards that can be fixed to walls easily and are cheap to make and easy to dispose of.
  • Pull-up – These are a smaller version of the pop-up stands. They are ideal for small spaces and very cost effective. They are also easily portable.
  • Shell Scheme System – You are given panels to display your products at an exhibition and these are covered by specially designed graphic boards. You can add literature stands, lighting and tv screens.
  • Vinyl / cloth banners – These are easy to store, transport and assemble. You can hang them which saves on space.
  • Custom Build – This is one step up from the pop-up display. You can have these in sizes, shapes and designs to suit your needs.

The key things to remember when deciding what exhibition format is best for you and your business are to keep is as simple as you can. Avoid over complicating or cramming too much unnecessary information in. Ensure your business contact details are clearly visible, make sure your main message is strongly relayed and always make sure the artwork and design is appropriate for the location and occasion.

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