Managing Your Business Website’s Bounce Rate

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What Does ‘Bounce Rate’ Mean?

Bounce rate refers to the visitors that visit a website and leave after only viewing a single page or less. If your business website shows an increase in bounce rate, it indicates that your website is not doing what it should. Perhaps it is dull or slow, or users cannot easily navigate it. Monitoring the bounce rate will give business owners an idea of how appealing their website is to the visitors. Bounce rates can affect your Google rankings, so it is essential that you keep on top of this.

Here, we discuss some key things to focus on to ensure your bounce rate is what it should be and your business website is not underperforming.

Page Load Time

It is not necessarily the quality of content that causes a high bounce rate. If a web page takes a long while to load, many users give up and go elsewhere. Optimising your website page load time is integral to ensure you do not lose web traffic this way. Users often expect a page to load within two seconds, so this is what you should be aiming for.

Mobile Version of your Website

It is essential now, more than ever, that websites are mobile-friendly. Most people access websites on the go using mobile devices, and therefore, a mobile-friendly site is a must. If your site does not load well on portable devices, you will lose many potential customers and increase your bounce rate.


Internal links can help reduce bounce rate, but it must be done correctly. Otherwise, it may have the opposite effect. Throwing a ton of links in and cluttering the page with them is unprofessional and off-putting. Consult a web solutions specialist, such as Green Tornado, to ensure you correctly use internal links.

Site Navigation

Your site must be as easy as possible for users to navigate. Even the slightest niggle, broken link or delay is often enough to deter people. Ensure your site is clear and concise, easy to read, understand and use. Again, a web solutions professional can help you with this.

Bounce Rate – The Conclusion

In conclusion, a high bounce rate means your site needs some attention and changes are required. Optimising page loading time, ensuring good quality content, providing effective links and having a user-friendly site are the best ways to bring that bounce rate down and keep your site visitors engaged.

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