How To Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

how to make your website gdpr compliant
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What Is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was created to harmonise EU data privacy laws and will be enforced on 25th May 2018. Here we look at the steps you need to be taking to ensure your website meets the new GDPR requirements.

  • SSL Certificate – A SSL certificate (Single Socket Layer) will make all your online content secure between servers which in turn increases your search engine rankings. It activates a padlock symbol in your browser which will enhance customer trust.
  • Privacy Policy – Once all the data that you are gathering has been analysed, this needs to be presented in a revised privacy policy on your website.
  • Easy To Unsubscribe – It must be an easy process to unsubscribe from email marketing. You should provide a link for this and ideally include it in your privacy policy.
  • Web Forms – You must no longer include pre-ticked boxes on your website forms as this is seen as implied consent. Users are to have clear options with a box for each individual request I.E method of contact etc. You need to ensure that all consent has been freely given by the user.
  • IP Tracking – You must ensure that any IP tracking you do is stated in your privacy policy as IP addresses are considered personal data.
  • Cookies – If you are using third-party plug-ins to collect data then you must inform your users in your privacy policy.
  • Re-marketing – You must outline in your privacy policy if you are using cookies to track activity online.
  • Paying Online – If you are an e-commerce company then you may be using online payment systems such as PayPal. You will need to make sure that you state in your policy that stored details are removed within a reasonable time frame.
  • Social Media – Users are to have the option to opt-in and out of social media marketing.

In summary, the key thing to remember is that your privacy policy needs to be clear and amended according to the new GDPR rules.

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