How to Know When to Refresh Your Website

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Websites are an integral part of any business and should therefore be fresh, current and modern. So, how do you know when it is time to update your business website? Here we look at some indicators that a refresh is needed for the all-important technical face of your business.

Redundant Content

If your site has ‘technical clutter’, such as old and irrelevant pages showing expired links, old offers and competitions or news about events that have been and gone, they need to go.

Slow Loading

A slow loading site is likely to irate and deters potential customers. In these fast-paced technical times, people want instant mobile access when browsing and shopping online. If your website is slow, you will need to fix this quickly. Speak with a web design specialist, such as Green Tornado, to determine the best way to enhance the loading speed of your site and therefore the user experience.

Out of Date Graphics and Content

Old fonts, designs, and graphical features will show the age of a website. Successful websites now have limited visual elements and rely more on colour than images. To ensure your website is current and moving with the trends, you should regularly assess the font and design.

A Decrease in Online Sales/Enquiries

Have you noticed less traffic on your website? Have online sales and interest slowed down? If so, your website is likely deterring potential customers. This could be because of its speed or its content. To determine the cause, consult a web design specialist, such as Green Tornado.

A Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website

Most web users access the internet on the go, with smartphones and tablets becoming the standard way to look online. This means a mobile-friendly, responsive website is key. A page that does not fit the browser screen will annoy users and perhaps send them to another site. If your business and budget allow it, a bespoke business app would be the perfect way to enhance the user experience of your website.

To summarise, if your website is slow, out of date, cluttered or irrelevant, you will drive away customers. A business website requires frequent refreshes as well as current and engaging content.

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