How to get Video Verified for Google My Business

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Plumbers, Builders, Electricians & Locksmiths

Getting Google verified has got much harder in the recent months. Thus the reason for this webpage. The keypoints you should take from this are the following: –

You should create a video comprising of three main areas: -
1. Examples of location:
2. Examples of equipment:
3. Examples of documentation:
Very hard to get verified!
Google 'My Business Profile'
green tornado review

Now you know whats needed...

At this point, you should have everything prepared, but don’t record your verification video yet!

Try recording a couple of rehearsal videos and time your recording just to make sure you:

  • Have everything set up properly
  • Have all your proof set up, in place, and ready to show
  • Know what order you’re going to present the information in
  • Know what you’re going to say about each piece of proof you show (you should narrate as you go)

Once you’ve practiced enough times to feel like you’re ready to complete the verification, go ahead and proceed with the video verification in your Google Business Profile.


Click this link – login and start the rollercoaster of fun….


An idea of what is needed... (Video 1)
Play Video about videoverification
Trouble shooting: -
  • You may have problems uploading – this is very common, just try again. Very annoying but this is Google we are dealing with!
  • Safari and Apple phones have problems it has been reported.
  • Chrome (or using an Android phone is your best bet).


After being uploaded it takes about 5 days. Hopefully… Good luck.