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Our Website Hosting Includes:

No Jargon or ‘Computer speak’…

We like to keep things simple

Ensuring your website is attractive, informative, and easy to use will result in improved sales and boosted bottom lines.

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Website Security

We try to ensure your website runs smoothly and our servers are kept up-to-date to fight off attacks.




Website Speed


So many websites are created with over complex code that slows them down.

We use the essential core code that gives a fast display and without confusion.

Our themes are built from scratch, and can use as little as four plugins making it as stable as possible.

Website Backups

Just in case...

We have two levels of backups available with every hosting account.

Standard Backups: –

Once per month.

Premium Backups

Backup taken daily, each 7th day and then each month for the last 3 months. (Including Emails.)

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tuesday backup
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Website Support

We don’t use jargon, we explain in clear laymans terms when we converse. (unless you want us to talk teccy!)

Spam Protection

Hate spam? so do we!

Green Tornados hosting server identifies spammers by watching the emails spammers generate. Green Tornado uses MailChannels Outbound Filtering that uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning approaches to spot spam-like trends in the stream of outgoing email coming from your servers and applications.

When a flow of email traffic begins to look suspiciously “spammy,” MailChannels shuts it down.


Spammers are constantly searching for hacked email addresses from which to send their email. Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in web applications and servers, and hack email accounts through phishing attacks and malware. Spammers constantly change they way they work, and preventing spam is nearly hopeless.

While it’s definitely helpful to keep software up to date and to follow best practices for maintaining site security, outbound email processing and filtering is necessary in order to stay one step ahead of the spammers.


What is website hosting
you ask...?

Website hosting is a service that offers a home for your website files to live. 

The files are stored on a computer called a server.

Using a high-quality web host like Green Tornado can maximise people finding your website, along with other helpful benefits.

Which web hosting provider should you use?

So how exactly should you choose a reliable service? states you should look for the following factors in a web hosting provider: –

Let us answer those questions for you….

I hope that helps you decide, if not give us a call to discuss your requirements or email us.

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Hosting FAQS

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Yes, we can talk with your current hosting provider and move the files to our server. If you have emails we can migrate them also. This is FREE!

When users want to view your website, you type your website address, for example (This is called a domain). This will then go to find your host (the company that has your files, where your website lives), and then it will display your website.

Yes, we can migrate your domain from places such as GoDaddy, Heart Internet, 123 reg and Ionos and many others. For a usually this takes a few hours but can take longer if it is a .com domain.

No, you do not need to move your domain to us. You can just host the files with us, but it is highly recommended to move both and keep in one place.

Wix domains are sometimes tied to them for a period of time, usually 3-6 months. They can only be moved after this time has elapsed.

Yes, we can host your website, but your emails will stay with Microsoft 365. 

We do not have the correct servers to host your emails.

Usually this can be completed within a day.

We can always take a look at how your website is built and suggest improvements. This can be quoted on, and if you agree we can carry out  the work requested. We also can provide training remotely or in-house on whatever subject you require. We no longer provide training on cookery or tree climbing!

Although we add security on our servers and many defensive measures, your website is still open to hackers. Even the best websites get hacked. If this does happen we have 90 days of backups, allowing you to restore at any point with the click of a button.