Google Places for Small Businesses

google places for small businesses
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The internet makes finding the product or service you require easier and faster than ever. Gone are the days of getting out the yellow pages to find a business, as Google is the go-to now. Ranking high on Google is important for any business, big or small. Google states that one-fifth of all searches are linked to a location and Google Places focuses on this type of search.

Google Places is Google’s facility for local business searches, and it is linked with Google Maps. It shows up at the top of Google search results and provides all relevant business details so you can find the service or product you want in the area you require. It allows businesses to add contact and location information as well as pictures, videos and reviews.

The Benefits Of Google Places For Small Businesses

Here are the main advantages of using Google Places:

  • All the important information about your business, what it has to offer and where it is situated, is all in one place with Google Places.
  • Google Places is a great solution for any small business that does not have the budget or time to maintain a website or a big marketing campaign.
  • Google Places produces local searches, meaning the potential competition you are facing is far less than that of a regular search. This means you are more likely to be found as the search results are on not only keywords but also location.
  • Your business will be linked to Google maps, making it easier for people to find you.
  • Reviews and ratings are visible and can help you build a strong local customer base.

How To Get The Most Out Of Google Places

Keywords – Use the most relevant keywords for the product or service but be sure not to overuse keywords as this can hinder your ranking.

Videos And Pictures – Businesses can add up to ten pictures and five videos free of charge. Make the most of this and add pictures and footage of your business and products.

Reviews – Encourage customers to leave a review and to rate your service. Good reviews will build confidence and bring in more custom.

A Page For Each Place – If you have multiple locations for your business then make sure each place has a different page set up.

If you would like help in setting up your Google Places business listing, please contact us our Brentwood office on 01277 849161

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