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According to recent research, online reviews are now trusted by more than 90% of users as much as in-person recommendations. It is important to note that people now trust the opinions of others online more than their family members. As we are now in the digital era, having a good online presence is a primary concern for many businesses.

Reviews are essential in validating whether or not users want to use the services of an establishment. Developing and strengthening your online brand image by analyzing your customer reviews is, therefore, important to exist and perform on Google.

To get the most reviews from satisfied customers, there are several effective ways to collect positive reviews on Google. Here are some of them:

Ask for reviews verbally when the customer is still with you

The first thing to do is to keep in mind that a customer will not necessarily leave a review spontaneously on a Google listing unless you ask them. Therefore, asking orally to your customers to leave you a positive review is the first thing to do to get reviews on your Google page.

Ask your customer for a positive review at the right time

Choosing the right time to ask for a positive review from a satisfied customer is also important. You don’t want to send it too early or too late. To get reviews on your Google My Business listing, you have to be responsive but not too hasty! The ideal is to ask the customer to leave a comment at a strategic moment, such as the time of payment at the cash desk or when they leave your business.

Send a personalised message with a redirection link to your Google business listing

The easiest and quickest way to get as many positive reviews as possible from your customers is to send a personalized message to the customer with a redirection link to your Google business listing. This helps to ensure that the customer leaves a review, as it is possible that the customer agrees to leave a comment on a business card but does not know how to do so. Personalizing the message in the SMS can also earn you points with your customer.

Invite the customer to scan your QR code to leave you a review

Another effective way to get positive reviews on a Google business listing is to install a QR code with a redirect link to your listing in a visible place in your establishment. This will enable customers to scan the QR code with their mobile phones and leave a review.

To make your Google My Business listing visible, there are three criteria that Google takes into account, including relevance, distance, and prominence. Reputation, which is your average rating, the number of reviews, your responses, and the frequency of responses, is also important in Google’s evaluation of the popularity of your Google My Business listing. Online reviews are a criteria of choice for internet users, with 90% of users consulting reviews on Google, Facebook, and other online platforms before visiting an establishment.

To conclude, having good reviews helps to reassure and attract new customers to your business. It is therefore important to adopt good practices in this area to develop and strengthen your e-reputation, which is crucial to exist and perform on Google.

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