Evergreen Content – All You Need to Know

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Evergreen Content – What is it?

The term ‘Evergreen content’ refers to website content that remains relevant regardless of the time of year/month/day. It is valuable content that consistently brings in web traffic. Evergreen content is not related to real-time or changing events. It is content that engages audiences and serves a useful purpose at all times.

Example of Evergreen Content

  • Reviews
  • Guides (how-to guides, buying guides, visitor guides)
  • Tips and hacks
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossaries

These examples differ through the industries, with some sectors having different evergreen content, as long as it is relevant, valuable and engaging.

The Importance of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is essential across all industries. If you have an online presence, you will understand that evergreen content is golden. The key benefits are:

  • Higher ranking on search engines
  • Adds value for your customers
  • More traffic to your website
  • Can be unique to your business
  • Helps to generate leads and potential business
  • It helps to build your backlinks
  • Consistent promotion


Keywords are an essential aspect of evergreen content. You must determine the best and most relevant terms for your business before attempting to create evergreen content. Here are some simple steps:


Note down all topics relevant to your business and ways they can help your customers.

Keyword tools

Google Trends is a great keyword tool to enable you to establish the words achieving the best search volume. High search volume but little competition is the perfect combination. Once you know the keywords you want to focus on, you must ensure they tie in nicely with the content you intend to create.

Well-written content

Content that is written well will rank higher. Poor grammar and lazy writing will let you down. Be sure to proofread your content to make sure it’s as professional and as strong as it can be. Typos and misinformation are off-putting for readers. All facts must be correct, and all sources and reviews need to be credible. Be clear and concise and avoid slang or jargon unless the content specifically calls for it. Present the content in neat paragraphs rather than an intimidatingly long page of non-stop information, and label sections clearly so people can easily navigate the page.

Updating Evergreen Content

Although evergreen content requires very little changing, you should look to refresh the content from time to time. You can do this by:

  • Delete or amend any information that is out of date
  • Add new content that could enhance what is already there
  • Check that your links are working fine and none are broken or outdated
  • Change/remove/add media
  • Make it interactive and update with new technological features as they become available
  • Have another proofread for spelling and grammar errors. Fresh eyes see everything!

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