Domain and Hosting – What’s the Difference?

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Websites consist of more than a few smart, engaging pages. Web design and management involve many behind-the-scenes elements, including administration, security and updating. Ensuring the right web hosting service is used is an integral part of website building, as is the website domain. Here we look at the key aspects of website building for business websites.

Domain Name

The domain name is the website name, and this should be chosen before the website is set up. Choosing a strong, simple and relevant domain name is essential for any business to gain customers and web traffic. Look at a domain name like an address for people that wish to access your site; you need an address before you can invite people to visit. A domain name is registered with the DNS (domain name system), which serves as an online address book.


Finding a web hosting service is the next step once a domain name is registered. Web hosting enables your website to be accessible worldwide on the internet. Web hosting services provide connectivity and space for customers 24/7, storing information, images, HTML documents, videos, web content and more. There are several web hosting options depending on your business needs. These include shared, free, dedicated servers, VPS and cloud hosting.

Web Maintenance, content and Security

Using a digital solutions specialist, such as Green Tornado, is a fantastic way to ensure your website is managed well. It can be time-consuming dealing with a site’s administration, content and security aspects. The key elements to cover are:

  • Engaging, relevant content – This must be well-written and easy to read.
  • Effective SEO – This should be reviewed regularly to ensure the site ranks on search engines.
  • Fast loading pages – This will reduce the website’s bounce rate.
  • Quick links that are not expired or broken – Users want links that work quickly and efficiently.
  • Appropriate images – Pictures and videos should compliment the site and inform, rather than clog up and distract.
  • Mobile-friendly site – Many users access websites on the go.
  • User-friendly – A complex site is off-putting.
  • Secure site – Security is paramount, especially for sites with payment options and links.

Hosting Vs Domain

A domain is an internet address allowing people to find and access your site, whereas hosting allows your site to run. Hosting is the virtual equivalent of renting a shop unit. Once you have a good domain name, you should find a reliable hosting service. The hosting service must ensure the internet connection stays live 24/7.

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