Creating the Ideal Landing Page and a High Converting Website

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Creating a landing page for your business website may seem like a quick and easy task. However, your landing page must immediately grab your customer and provide what they want to boost the chances of your site being a high converting website.

Here we look at creating that perfect landing page and ensuring your business website is high converting.

Landing Page – What is it?

The term ‘Landing Page’ refers to the standalone page that a user lands on after clicking on an advert, email link, search engine result, or any other digital link. An effective landing page maximises conversion rates, leading to business growth.

The landing page can be the homepage, a campaign page, a sale page or a product. It is often promoted using a service such as Google Adwords and has been made purely to increase conversion rates.

The Benefits of a Strong Landing Page

Boosts SEO rankings

A good landing page will improve your SEO rankings. It can help you target search terms and keywords, bringing in more traffic.

Efficient buying process

Clear banners, sections, and information make buying easy and swift. Customers are more likely to click and make a purchase when it is hassle-free.

Advertising for a sale, promotion or event

You can create an advertising page solely for an event, sale or promotion. This is a fantastic way to boost website traffic and attract new customers.

Landing Page Must-haves

Visual Appeal

The aesthetics of a landing page are important – customers do not want to look at a dull or unattractive page. A suitable design tells your customers about your business and what you have to offer. A professional graphic design company, such as Green Tornado, can help with this.

Headline and Sub Headings

Good quality copywriting is essential for a landing page. Headlines must be concise, and relevant sub-headlines should break the copy down and inform the user. The copy must be engaging, informative and productive.


A picture is worth more than a thousand words, and photography can make the difference between a good and bad user experience on a web page. Landing page images must be relevant and of high quality.

Contact Details

A landing page must have clear contact details. This includes links to a contact page, email details, address, phone number, and social media links.


Your customer wants to know their money is safe. Offering a clear guarantee policy is a great way to show you are a trustworthy and reliable business.

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