Is Your Company Website In Need Of An Update?

is your company website in need of an update
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Here are the most important and common signs that your business website needs a change.

Mobile And Tablet Friendly

In current times, websites must be easily viewable on the go, on all devices. Potential customers are likely to skip a slow loading, non-mobile friendly site and use one more convenient. Being mobile friendly is crucial.

Loading Speed

A site that takes forever to load will be losing potential customers. With everything being available in a flash we are all guilty of not being patient when it comes accessing the web content we want. Sites such as Google Page Speed can check your site’s speed.

Modern Look

Web users judge a website by appearance rather than just its content. Your website is a representation of your business so being outdated reflects a negative impression and could deter potential customers. Your website needs to showcase what your business has to offer while providing the best possible customer service.

Updating Content

If maintaining and updating your website is not easily done, then a content management system is called for. This will enable you to easily and efficiently manage your site without the need for coding knowledge. Also, are you aware that Google prefers new content when it ranks websites? The age of your content, no matter how good it is, could hinder your google ranking. Try rephrasing some of your content and incorporating relevant keywords.

Social Media

There’s no escaping the fact that social media is essential to any business. It is used by customers to connect with your business and is one of the best ways to build trust while advertising your services. Be sure to have clear links to your business Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


Is your website browser compatible and your source code valid (HTML and CSS)? If your website was created a few years ago, it likely has a lot of unnecessary HTML code, which can slow down your website load speeds, which can also impact your ranking in the Google search results.

Avoid Being Hacked

Sadly, it is becoming more and more common for websites and social media feeds to get hacked. Security flaws can pop up on any website, but the likelihood of them affecting an older website is much bigger as it relies on older technology.

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