Case Study: Long Island Shutters

Fitting high quality shutters for residential and commercial premises.

Business: Install & Supply of Shutters
Professional Services Provided: -
About them

Long Island Shutters specialises in the supply and installation of customised, high-quality plantation shutters. They have become one of the UK’s top suppliers and fitters of interior wooden shutters due to their experience and devotion to achieving the highest level of attention to detail.

The company’s two Directors oversee every order placed from beginning to end to ensure each client receives our recognised “Excellent Long Island customer service.”

They provide a comprehensive choice of shutters to fit all budgets and a corporate policy of never being undersold on price.
Interior plantation shutters in Long Island can completely transform and improve the appearance of any property.

The Brief

Having been a customer of Green Tornado since 2007, Long Island Shutters came to Green Tornado wanting a new website as the previous website had many issues due to the age and many other factors. Firstly it was programmed in such a way that made it slow, having many plugins and extra bits of code that caused issues when updating.

The team at Long Island Shutters wanted a clean brochure looking website with many images showing the range they had, and to be able to update new projects they had completed.

The website was designed with SEO at the forefront, this is easier to do from the very beginning such as labelling all the images to the correct keywords etc. They felt SEO had the best ROI and had felt this type of marketing was their best fit.

Long Island Shutters also wanted a range of designs that included : –

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Roadside banner
long island mobile
What we did
  • We designed a brochure like clean website that reflects their style.
  • Created an easy navigation for the users to find their way within the website.
  • Added specialist plugins to make things easy to update and utilised all the needs for SEO to perform better.
  • Created templates that could be used by people within the company to add new products with ease.
  • Converted all the current metatags to the new pages and redirected all old pages so not to cause 404 errors preventing page not found types of pages being shown.
  • Making sure all the images were compressed to a size that showed quickly and efficiently on mobiles.

Using a list of 15 keywords that highlight the products they currently offer, the website’s pages were optimised to send Google the signals it required to improve its search engine rankings for those keywords.

In order to improve the website’s standing in Google’s search results, technical SEO was employed. Any errors that prevented the website from being indexed were rectified and schema was introduced.
Slowly but surely, the rankings began to stay towards the top of Google for the selected keywords week after week.

Every picture was given a descriptive name, and several other SEO strategies were implemented to give them the boost they required.


Initially needing business cards for all their staff. We set out to design a simplistic but glossy in design, business card that was easy identifiable from a distance and showed the details needed for contact. The colour scheme was taken from the branding. The website also followed these colours of course.

Having many needs for different types of marketing, such other business stationary was designed such as various flyers that gave information for new styles and ranges over time.

Their main brochure comprising of 28 pages was designed again with high quality images in a glossy format. it gives a clear indication of they style and workmanship of the company.

Client Feedback

They are very happy with the website and all the changes over time have kept with the branding.

They had no idea that adding a new blog or product to the website would be so easy once the right tools were in place.

The website has been kept up to date and looks just as good on a mobile as it does on a desktop.


To their delight, they are seeing the results of their SEO efforts and reaping the benefits of increased visibility on search engines.

They’ve experienced a significant uptick in both the quantity and quality of leads they’re receiving thanks to their Google presence.


The design of the brochure and in keeping of how the branding has been used is why Long Island Shutters keeps coming back to Green Tornado time and time again. From flyers to roadside banners and brochures, they are happy with the results, and their customers have chosen them to fit their shutters which is again another indication of success.

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