Case Study: Interact Technology

Providing telecoms services to suit every business type

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Business: Telecoms & Communication
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About them

Interact Technology has over 20 years of experience in providing business to business communications. Providing the correct solutions for their customers; from telephony to audio visual room control, they design bespoke solutions that deliver the best communication for your business.

Interact was born in 2007.

“Interact” is in our DNA, allowing us to grow into one of London’s leading communication providers. We help businesses “interact” using cutting-edge communication platforms that allow them to stay at the forefront of their industries, whilst saving money through adopting the latest technologies.

They have stuck to their original mission of “exceeding consumer expectations” throughout their existence.

Quite simply, service and support are crucial to their business.
They do this by keeping a close eye on how their customers feel about the company and by regularly evaluating its partnerships with suppliers to make sure they are up to par.

The Brief

Interact Technology is passionate about giving clients the right and most up-to-date telecom technology.

Interact Technology wanted a responsive website that mobile phones and tablets could easily use.
They also wanted the website to be flexible, easy to use, and able to give users information quickly and easily on any device.

They wanted to be able to change the pages and add new content to the site whenever they needed to.

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What we did

Having so many products for telecommunication the organisation needed to be simple and categorised so users can find what they need quickly.

A standard template was designed and implemented throughout the site.  Capture to prevent spam were added, this is standard with our websites but extra measures were added also. Speed was very important for the website and the least plugins were used.



Picking the keywords correctly can be a difficult task if you have products that are called by a generic term. One of the products did cause an issue. ‘Bluejeans’ was a communication product and also a clothing! We made sure all the links to that page had communication within the pages, and kept a careful log of our steps. We have now successfully made the term Bluejeans appear in our top ranking keywords.  ‘Bluejeans essex’ (page 1) and even ‘bluejeans screen sharing’ – Globally (page 3 – but working on it!)

We have also gained 14 keywords within page 1 of the Google search results.

Client Feedback

Overall the client was very happy with the website and has given the company a more professional outlook to it’s users.

The website is userfriendly and easy to navigate. The content is wellwritten and informative. Overall, the website is now welldesigned and professional.


The amount of users that have found the website organically using SEO has dramatically increased since the website redesign. SEO improves this website by making it more visible in search engine results pages. This is done through optimising the website content, structure, and onpage elements like titles, metatags, and anchor text.

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