Case Study: Excel Healthcare

The Autoclave Specialists

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Business: Healthcare Equipment Provider
Professional Services Provided: -
About them

Excel Healthcare has been in business since 1983 and is run by a friendly family.

They try to supply the most up-to-date equipment at prices you can afford.

Their hard working team provides a knowledgeable and efficient sales and after-sales service. They also help you choose an autoclave that fits your exact needs.
By putting the latest technological advances into our autoclaves, we can be sure that we can offer the most modern and up-to-date equipment in the United Kingdom.

With our full commitment to providing a reliable and effective service after the sale, our customers can always feel good about what they’ve bought.

The Brief
  • Excel Healthcare had a website that was very disjointed and they wanted to show users the selection of products and to be able to buy them online with ease.
  • They also wanted the logo to be updated and colours chosen for branding.
  • The website which had taken orders before was very confusing for them to see who the orders were and seemed to be difficult to handle.
  • The categories and ordering of pages was also a challenge for users to find the product they needed.
  • Needing a new brochure designed for all prospective clients was also needed.
What we did

The logo was designed in many formats as usual for our clients, and after seeing the 6 designs we had mocked up felt this gave them a better idea of what they wanted. From these designs certain aspects of two of the designs were melded together. This became the logo shown above.

  • A full flow of how they ran the business was gathered, and from that woo-commerce plugin was added and configured with other additional plugins to help the flow of orders.
  • The previous website products were exported to save time and costs for them. 
  • Full branding and colours were discussed.
  • From sales analysis to giving refunds was exampled and remotely taught.
  • A training session was held online, to be able to control how orders were processed.
  • We designed a straight forward clean website
  • Added specialist plugins to make things easy
  • Created templates that could be used by people within the company to add new products with ease.
  • Converted all the current metatags to the new pages and redirected all old pages so not to cause 404 errors preventing page not found types of pages being shown.
  • We added editing tools within the dashboard that were very simple to use. After a small training session held online, they were able to happily add content and images with ease.
Client Feedback

Once they had decided which logo fitted their company, the addition to this through the companies stationary, website, flyers and brochures has made a big change and feel to the company. It looks smart and modern.


Excel Healthcare feel that they can now understand how the admin area of their website works and understand what can be accomplished, and they can always depend upon us for any small amendments to help the way they work in taking orders.


From the brochure design to the flyers, they all follow the branding and give the clear and uncomplicated way we deal with our customers. The brochure is easy to read and the high quality images give the clarity needed to ensure customers know what they will be buying.

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