Case Study: Escape

Escape Studio is a beauty salon offering beauty and holistic therapies.

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Business: Beauty Salon & Hair Training Academy
Professional Services Provided: -
About them

Escape’s objective was to be able to offer a diverse range of beauty, manicure, and holistic therapies at reasonable prices to appeal to a wide range of customers.
Our treatments and procedures range from the soothing to the non-surgical to the traditional beauty treatments that will pamper you from head to toe.

Sarah, who specialises in holistic therapies, leads a team with over 20 years of expertise in the beauty and alternative industries.
Their crew is one-of-a-kind, and they vow to provide you with exceptional service and treatments.
Escape assures that all therapists have the highest level of skills and training, and has educated numerous therapists and salons both locally and internationally.

Since founding Escape, they have received numerous business accolades, of which they are extremely proud.

The Brief
  • Escape contacted us needing an easy way to display their services an a graphical and eye catching way.
  • They had considerable difficulty adding services which can be very difficult for users to grasp if not technical.
  • The previous website also had approximately 34 plugins all of which were out of date and had not been updated for many years. Not updating plugins can cause serious security problems, we see this very often.
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What we did
escape beauty and holistic treatments

The customer was presented with the logo in a variety of different formats, with the goal of achieving the most accurate representation possible of the values and atmosphere of the company.

After Escape selected and narrowed the options down to only two, mockups of the designs were created using various sorts of media to demonstrate to the customer how the chosen design would appear on business cards and other types of business stationary.

A single design was selected, and as a result, high-quality.eps files (vector files) was created for it. These files are now ready for any additional printing demands that may arise in the future.

  • The website was split up into three sections for ease of use.
  • A full overview was taken and all the services were laid out and connected in a way that a customer would naturally expect. This is how good UI is created.
  • High quality images that were representative of that service were hand-picked, and text created to explain the service. This was in conjunction with the client as some of the terms and services were unique to Escape.
  • The menu bar was created to give a quick visualisation the the customer.


The SEO after website creation had many areas.

  • The keyword selection was chosen and then implemented upon the site.
  • Specialist image compresser to reduce the size of the high quality images making sure that no image quality was lost was added and all images ran through and then measured for speed issues, and if any were found corrected.
Client Feedback

They are really happy with the way it appears and feel that it is an excellent representation of their brand. As they had three companies under one umbrella the simplicity of the logo makes it easy to understand from a customer perspective, while still associating the brand.


The website is now aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. With large images displayed, users now can visualise the service and find what they are looking for quicker.


The website they had good rankings and so not to destroy any of the SEO that had been completed and links that had been created we made sure the new website could just slot into all the links created before, thus not having any broken links.

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